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Global Africa Shop is a pioneering digital incubator for African-based companies. This eCommerce platform and mobile application is designed to help jumpstart African-based companies selling authentic locally-made products online to the global community.

Birth of the Global Africa Shop

The creation of Global Africa Shop was a response to a positive feedback we received after the completion of the Pilot run of Digital Futures Fellowship Program cohort. In the program, students from the University of Michigan-Dearbon College of Business gained real world experience performing market research on small to medium-sized businesses based in Ghana, West Africa. The program however, is not limited to Ghanaian-based businesses. Business established and operating in every African nation are welcome to participate.

The Digital Futures Fellowship Program helps participating businesses to compete in the global market, which aligns with one of The VGC's main goals. After the program, African-based companies are given full reports with prescriptions on how to increase customer base and identify potential markets to sell products.

After travelling to Accra, Ghana to speak at the DHL eCommerce conference, the VGC team realized there was a void in the process. For those African businesses who are not familiar with the with eCommerce or selling online, Global Africa Shop is the answer.

African-based businesses who are interested in building their digital businesses can start with Global Africa Shop to generate initial revenue needed to invest into their own platforms. The Global Africa Shop ecosystem helps with lead generation and customer acquisition to help jumpstart African-based businesses to sell locally-made products globally.

What We Do

Africa is very rich in natural resources and has been home to highly sought after products like essential oils, Shea butter products, sustainable straws, and craft of all kinds. There is an emerging crop of ethical and professional makers who are creating unique African products which rival other products on the global stage. Every product you find on this website belongs to an African shop; and in here, you will find amazing entrepreneurs who are making beautiful African creations.  To see these products, visit the Shop Page.

Global Africa Shop is the place where you will find unique products proudly made in Africa. We are dedicated to showing the rich culture of Africa to the world while helping these brands grow their online sales through our web platform and mobile application. Here on the platform, you will find the following handmade, authentic African products made with the highest level of craftsmanship.

  • African Jewelry
  • African Skincare and Hair Products
  • Essential Oils from Africa
  • Painting and Crafts
  • African Home Decor
  • African Clothing 
  • African Fabric
  • African Footwear
  • African Bags

Interested in becoming a Seller? 


If you are an African-based businesses interested in selling to the global market, then Global Africa Shop is for you! Click here to learn more