Amoanima Necklace - Yellow Black 2 Knots

Brand: African Jewelry
Yellow Black 2 Knots
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The Amoanima Necklace is a beautiful blend of Ankara (premium African fabric) and other choicest materials. 
The necklcae which comes with a beautiful pair of earring is handmade from Ghana by ADJELEY with African print, crystals, seed beads and glass pearls. The double knot necklace which is perfect to wear for special events has different variations based on the color and how knots was twisted;
Ray Dark Knot.
Double Knot Gold Brown.
Blue Black Twin Knot.
Dark Green Knots.
Green Yellow Knots.
Pink Green Knots.
Red Yellow 2 Knots.
Red Yellow 3 Knots.
Yellow Black 2 Knots.
Turquoise Yellow 2 Knots.

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